Bulk Orders

Our suppliers will give us a better price when we order in bulk. We have a cut off date which we need to place the order for the next batch.

We won’t be taking any more orders of that item after the order has been placed with the supplier (Blackchrome). Each design is limited edition and no extra tops will be ordered.

About Blackchrome

Blackchrome Sportswear has been providing quality custom sportswear for over 10 years and are based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Blackchrome’s factory is located in Sri Lanka. They have official WRAP accreditation and are proud to be an ethical company. Locally manufacturing our products is not viable, however, due to the great relationship with our friends in Sri Lanka we provide job security for more than 20 Australian staff and over 100 people in Sri Lanka.

For more information about Blackchrome, you can visit their website. https://blackchrome.com.au/about-us/

If you have any questions about the process or shirts, please email shop@runningstars.org.au